12 October 2011

A pregnancy in puddings

In the movies, pregnant women are constantly scoffing huge meals and getting away with eating lots of extra junk food. But no one ever tells you that, in reality, this doesn't happen for all women. While i've been pregnant, my stomach capacity has shrunk because our little girl has been taking up most of the space in there. So, alas, pregnancy has meant (shock, horror) no room for dessert!

Because there has been so little pudding eating happening while i've been pregnant, I've been a bit lazy with my reviews lately. So here's a round up of the past nine(ish) months (in no particular order).

Only seven days to go until our little girl is due, so this will be the last you hear from me in a while (until my husband surface again to join normal folk in restaurants in many, many months time). Meanwhile, stay tuned for my next (probably baby-related) project...

Thanks for reading. All the best. Mione. x

Granny's Caramel Apple Cake. Cuan Mor restaurant, 60 George St, Oban, Argyll, Scotland. Tel: 01631565078. http://www.cuanmor.co.uk/
Four and a half out of five.
This was one of the most amazing apple cakes I've ever had. Deliciously applely and moist with a gooey caramely layer running through it. Wish I had a granny who lived close enough to me to make this for me! This cake made the horrific rainy, blustery 'summer' May weather my mum, her boyfriend and I encountered in Scotland all that more bearable.

I can't actually remember where this dessert was from. Can I blame pregnancy brain?

Incognico is such a find in the London 'theatreland' zone: quiet and non-touristy with amazing service and fine dining-style food at a reasonable price (we had a Toptable deal). Their Eton mess was perfect too: moist with the perfect ratio of meringue to cream and berries and a beautiful garnish of berries on top. The friends we went with just couldn't believe how such a fabulous restaurant could be in the main tourist zone in London and kept commenting on it all night.
Four out of five.
Incognico, 117 Shaftesbury Ave, Covent Garden, UK WC2H 8

Five out of five. Some of the best desserts I've had while I've been pregnant. These gorgeous cupcakes were handmade by our bubba's aunty Heather and aunty Zoe for my baby shower. Not just pretty faces either - these cupcakes tasted amazing too, full of moist, buttery vanilla goodness. I still can't believe the girls made them - they look like something you'd pay £5 each for in a ritzy boutique bakery. Thanks girls.

I can't actually remember where these desserts were. Can I blame pregnancy brain?

 Eton mess at the Angelic Pub, 57 Liverpool Road, Islington, London, N1 0RJ.
0872 148 0840. http://theangelic.co.uk/
Two out of five.
Eton mess is one of my all time favourite desserts and, you would think, very hard to 'mess' up. But the Angelic managed to get this one quite wrong. It wasn't really an Eton mess at all, rather two very dry meringue nests with a big dollop of cream and few strawberries on them, sitting in a soup of chocolate sauce. A really chewy, dry mish mash of flavours that really don't work. Disappointing indeedy.

I love surprises, so was really excited when my gorgeous man said he'd arrange our night out for our second wedding anniversary. Being led through the back streets of Mayfair, I genuinely had no idea where we were going either. We even passed the street where Rupert Murdoch lives and saw rows and rows of paparazzi waiting for him (this was around the time of the News Ltd craziness). Entering the tucked away, boutique Dukes Hotel for dinner felt like entering a Rupert Murdoch-style private club for privileged members and the food was just what you'd expect from such a place: top notch. My dessert was a little on the plain side, but delicious.

Three out of five.

 Dining Room at Duke's Hotel. 35 St James's St, London, UK SW1A 1.

Snegl danish and berry tart at Lagkagehuset bakery, Copenhagen, Denmark. Three and a half out of five. Who would've thought that danishes would be so amazing in Denmark? These run of the mill danishes for Denmark from a great bakery were amazing. I spent about half an hour photographing all the amazing danishes and cakes in their window display and deciding which of them to buy and could've easily spent all morning there eating all the different ones (if it weren't for the difficulty of trying to discreetly photograph them so i didn't look like too much of  a
big fat tourist i would've too).
Three out of five.
Lagkagehuset Bakery, Torvegade 45,  Copenhagen, Denmark. 32 57 36 07.

Eton mess at The Canonbury pub, Canonbury, London. A good quality Eton mess that finished off a brilliant night of celebrations for Mike and Lou's engagement. What says love more perfectly than a pink strawberry Eton mess on a warm summer's night?
21 Canonbury Place, London. N1 2NS, T: 020 7704 2887.
A fakhfahina Funny Mummy restaurant, Dahab, Egypt. Yes, I ordered this one purely because of it's funny, rude-sounding name. Despite it's exotic name, it was actually kind of just like an ice cream drink with fruit salad. How disappointing!
One out of five.

An om ali at (or was it a sahleb?) at Funny Mummy restaurant, Dahab, Egypt. This is the type of dessert you only order once, just to try it, but it wasn't actually as bad as the photo makes it look.
Two out of five.

Lonely Planet rates this cafe as the number one thing to do in Glasgow, so my mum, her boyfriend and I were pretty excited to go here. But arriving at the building was really disappointing: you enter the tea rooms through a pretty average-looking jewelry shop and walk upstairs to a small, touristy cafe that looks like most other small town cafes. On top of this huge disappointment at the decor, it was almost closing time so they weren't serving high tea anymore, so I ordered a rather sad-looking lemon meringue pie from the chilled display cabinet. It was fine, but not amazing. Just as we were about to leave, we noticed that there was an upstairs area and this was actually a lot prettier and more remarkable. Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1904, it looked very art deco (strangely) with amazing windows, chairs and walls. Despite how pretty this bit was, I'm not sure the place deserves all the hype or is worthy of the huge amounts of touristy art deco- inspired souvenirs one can buy from the cafe.
One and a half out of five.
Willow Tea Rooms, 217 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland, 0141 332 0521.

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