12 October 2011

Chocolate fondant at Camino, King's Cross, London

"You're so lucky to be having pudding," the waitress said. While usually i'd agree, 
the odd way she said it made me wonder why. Is she on a diet? Is it really good? 
Because children are starving in Africa?
I think it was a lost in translation thing (she had a very strong Spanish accent).
And we were lucky to be eating pudding because pudding is generally amazing, 
but these ones unfortunately were just OK. Yum, but nothing memorable. And I'm not 
sure about the combination of berry compote with a rich fondant. To be fair, I should've gone 
with a more Spanish sounding dessert, considering we were in a Spanish restaurant. 
I had pudding envy looking at my friend's dessert of warm cheese and quince paste.
Despite the average pudding, the restaurant gets points for a great location: right near the
 station in the heart of the 'new' King's Cross (I think i've even read someone referring to 
the area as 'the North Bank'). Think once grungy warehouse spaces re-vamped for a more 
sleek crowd. 
Although, that said, Camino isn't the easiest place to locate. As The Independent said:
 "As Camino means "road", it's ironic that a restaurant named 
after a pathway should be so hard to find."
Two of out five.
Camino. 3 Varnishers Yard, Regents Quarter, N1 9FD. 020 7841 7331.

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