24 February 2011

Rice pudding with chocolate at Salvador and Amanda, Soho, London

Choosing somewhere to go for Valentine's Day is always tricky, especially when you leave it until a couple of weeks beforehand (uber last-minute according to restaurant land). So after about three unsuccessful attempts at booking a nice Spanish restaurant (my man and I are learning Spanish and thought it would be nice to practise our pronunciation) because they were all booked out, I found Salvador and Amanda on Toptable. It looked funky and contemporary in Toptable's photo and was in a good location (Soho), so I booked away.
When we arrived, the restaurant looked more like a huge, dark cave full of eclectic olde-worlde Spanish paraphernalia than somewhere worthy of being frequented for an extra special meal, but luckily I had my hot date to look at (awww), so the decor didn't matter so much. Plus there were all the other blinged up couples trying to woo each other with too much wine and bad red roses to stare at.
Food-wise, the dishes were pretty standard Spanish fare, but all served with a smile by friendly, on-the-ball waitresses.
Dessert was a surprise. The 'rice pudding with chocolate' listed on the menu, which I was expecting to be like a rice pudding, turned out to be a chocolate fondant with a gooey centre. Not sure how Spanish it is, but it was much better than I expected! Loved the awesome 80s whipped cream plate decorations too.
Two out of five.
Salvador and Amanda, 8 Great Newport St, London, WC2H 7JA, 020 7240 155.

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