5 November 2010

Chocolate cake at Flat White, Soho, London

I feel like a traitor to my home city, London, for loving this place. But stepping into Flat White is like stepping into a small Sydney cafe. As Timeout says: its "shabby chic... could have been airlifted from any town on the central New South Wales coast".

Friendly, antipodean accents envelop you as you walk in and there are genuine smiles all 'round. In true Aussie style, the lovely guy who makes our great soy cappuccinos says "no worries" (smile, smile) when he brings them over. There's even a friendly Kiwi woman who recommends the deceptively plain-looking chocolate cake and chats to us while it comes. My instant Londoner reaction is 'why is she talking to us - she's weird,' then I remember that antipodeans do this: the friendly chat thing.

As much as I try and fault Flat White to defend London coffee and service, I can't. Flat White is a little oasis of great coffee in the centre of London and a little slice of home all in one. Oh, and the chocolate cake was pretty yummy too.

Dessert rating: three out of five.

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